Emergency measures in Crete from today

In connection with the spread of the coronavirus in Crete, from today, August 11, restrictive measures are introduced in Heraklion, which will be valid until August 17.

Due to the increased epidemiological burden, the region is colored red (level 4). Emergency measures include:

traffic ban at night, from 01:00 pm to 06:00 am. The exception is health problems and work; banning music 24 hours a day in all entertainment establishments and catering establishments; ban on mass events, limitation of the number of those present at any private – up to 20 people. For violation, a fine of 50-200 thousand euros is provided for the concessionaire or the tenant of the premises.

The introduction of measures in Heraklion from today, following the recommendations of the National Committee for Public Health from Covid-19, was announced yesterday by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection. They are valid until 17 August and then will be revised by the Commission.

Nikos Tomaidis, EKPA Professor of Analytical Chemistry, comments on the situation:

“In Crete, colleagues from the Wastewater Epidemiology Network are announcing results every week and we are really seeing an increase in viral load. The spread is constantly increasing, and this leads to an increase in the number of cases. This is not expected to change in the coming period as the number of visitors to the island increases until the end of August. Then it will start to decline. There is a need to track the return of people from the islands to urban centers. This is a priority now. The Delta mutation is currently 85% widespread in the country. We didn’t expect it to prevail so quickly. It was assumed that in September it will prevail. The spread of the strain was unprecedented, apparently due to its increased transmissibility. There are already reports of other mutations. This is a normal biological course. “

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