July 16, 2024

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To be or not to be isolation in Thessaloniki

Full agreement on the issue of isolation measures in Thessaloniki has not yet been reached, but such an outcome of the discussions is quite likely. A decision is expected within a day.

The epidemiological situation in Northern Greece and Thessaloniki is rapidly deteriorating. Doctors already sense the approach of the nightmare of last November. The panel of experts proposes a mini-lock – a curfew from 01:00 to 06:00 and a ban on music. In an interview Newsbeast Konstantinos Zervas, the mayor of the city, says:

“It will be a painful decision for Thessaloniki, but it is the only right decision, the health of citizens is of paramount importance. If so decided, it will be done. Nobody wants us to go through what we went through in November 2020. “

He notes that a significant part of the epidemiological burden of the city is associated with the difficult situation in hospitals and with the burden that “comes” from other regions: “Thessaloniki is the funnel of all the environs of Northern Greece.”

The mayor acknowledges that low vaccination rates in some municipalities in Thessaloniki are burdening the city. Disappointing data on the city sewerage – they show an increase of + 18% in just a week.

Nikos Karavelos, the head of the intensive care unit at Papanikolaou Hospital, says:

“With so many cases and so much pressure on the healthcare system, it makes sense to move to a little isolation. Since people do not comply with either protective measures or vaccinations, something needs to be done. Nobody wants human activity to stop, but we have begun to move at full speed towards a new tragedy in Thessaloniki. At the moment, we have 20 full beds, 20 intubated, all unvaccinated in our Papanicolaou ICU. Last year, at this time, 3 people were intubated. The difference is obvious. What will happen in our hospitals in a month, when we are in winter? What about other diseases? With operations? With cancer? “

He noted that one of the patients who underwent intubation today refused it, as he is a denier of the coronavirus and the vaccine. It took a phone call from doctors to a relative to convince him.

Mr Karavelos notes the deteriorating situation in all of Northern Greece:

We are not only hospitalizing the residents of Thessaloniki. Transfers from hospitals in other prefectures have already begun. Today we have admitted patients from Drama. The hospital there has exceeded the limit. This is a bad sign.

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