Greek Minister: SMS for leaving home has a “pedagogical” function

State Minister and close associate of the Prime Minister Giorgos Gerapetrit said on Thursday that sending an SMS message to leave the house has a pedagogical function.

Speaking on Skye Radio, Gerapetrit said about the use of SMS that Greek residents have to send to get out of their homes for sports or go shopping: “SMS is always symbolic, besides controlling and restricting traffic. What is symbolism? Basically, we are still in a state of restricting freedom of movement. Because the symbolism is high and I am afraid that with the possible cancellation of SMS, I will create a trend that now we can move freely, that the party will start, that we will go to have fun. Not. And I’m afraid one of the few things that have high symbolism is text messages. Another is the end of the movement at some time in the evening. “

And then the minister gave an incredible gem: “These measures have a special function, let’s say, pedagogical.”

This statement caused outrage in social networks, in which the inhabitants of the country pounced on the minister, saying that they did not need teachers.

This is not the first time the 54-year-old minister has provoked outrage with his statements. Last fall, as the second wave of the pandemic began to sweep the country, he defended government policy to avoid strengthening the health care system, saying, “If we had 5,000 beds in an intensive care unit, the death toll from coronavirus would be much higher.”

Apparently, therefore, when there were no more beds, his colleagues began to panic, almost introducing a state of emergency. And where does Mitsotakis find such people?

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