Invasion "centaur" expected in Greece

In August, the appearance of the “Centaur” is expected in Greece, but not the one that, perhaps, someone with “mystical thinking” might think of, the hero of mythology. Alas, epidemiological scientists are urging the population to be fully armed in order to resist a new strain of coronavirus, which for some reason was called “Centaur”. […]

Omicron mutation: early results from specialty vaccines are disappointing

Booster doses of vaccines that are specifically designed for the Omicron variant of the coronavirus provide only modest benefits over existing Covid-19 vaccines. According to the journal Nature, a booster dose, especially against Omicron, does not provide a significant benefit beyond the protection of a third dose of existing vaccines. One study examined the immune […]

Omicron "lives" on skin and plastic more than any other strain

The Omicron strain can survive longer on plastic surfaces and on human skin than previous variants of the coronavirus, according to Japanese scientists who conducted comparative laboratory experiments. Researchers led by Dr. Ryohei Hiroshe of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Kyoto Medical University, who made a preliminary publication on medRxiv, according to Reuters, found […]

Expert: those who have been ill with the Omicron strain are immune to Delta

Dimitris Paraskevis, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at EKPA and Member of the Expert Committee, spoke to ERT about the differences between the Delta and Omicron mutations. The expert noted that those infected with the Omicron strain will not get the Delta variant because they have developed antibodies. He added that more patients […]

Omicron strain: retest EODY 40,000 samples

What EODY scientists say about the presence of the Omicron mutation in Greece. WHO experts, based on the experience of South Africa, suggest that strain Omicron spreads faster than all of its predecessors. Accordingly, it can infect a much larger number of people, including those who have already had other coronavirus variations. The organization calls […]

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