December 7, 2023

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Coronavirus: “Pirola” strain appeared in Greece

EINAP President Matina Pagoni spoke about the significant increase in cases of coronavirus, a strain called “Pirola”, in Greece and the situation in Thessaly.

She said the “Pirola” strain had arrived in Greece, noting that experts were concerned that it had more than 30 mutations. “The autumn began with the arrival of the Pirola strain in the country, which has more than 30 mutations, and this frightens us, so we are concerned and are preparing. Now the medical world knows the coronavirus and its mutations, and we can deal with it, compared to 2 years ago,” – added Matina Pagoni in an interview with the Mega channel.

The President of EINAP, speaking about the increase in coronavirus cases, noted that “the incidence has really increased, there are hospitalizations. Although we expected this situation to develop towards the end of October, it all started much earlier. We are gradually approaching a time when all life is spent indoors. Schools also opened. You understand that the transmission of the virus has become much easier and requires special attention from citizens and their adoption of preventive measures (wearing masks, using antiseptics).”

Regarding the new wave of Covid and vaccination, which started in Germany and the USA, Ms. Pagoni noted: “We are still a little behind, we have different weather conditions with these countries. We still have good weather, we are not locked indoors, only schools have opened. But gradually, as the weather gets colder, the situation with rampant covid will develop here too.”.

Concerning new vaccinethe expert emphasized that “2-3 companies are working on this issue, and instructions will be given to the vaccination committees in accordance with WHO recommendations. We will all be informed.”

About the current situation in Thessaly Ms. Pagoni noted: “We are in daily contact with local doctors. Things are going hard and more than 15 days have passed. Because there is still stagnant water here, more than 40 cases of gastroenteritis are reported every day.

Five cases of leptospirosis were also recorded. The area requires attention, water supplies have been established, people do not forget to wear gloves, rubber boots and masks. There is a strong smell in this area.”Ms. Pagoni noted about the impact of stagnant water on public health in Thessaly.

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