Viral load in Attica is high, Omicron prevalence reaches 95%

A small drop in viral load of 20% was found based on wastewater analysis in Attica, EKPA Professor of Analytical Chemistry Nikos Tomaidis said today.

However, it remains at a high level. According to a professor speaking on SKAI, “Analysis of wastewater from Athens shows a slight decrease this week. This is obviously not related to the decline that we see in clinical observation, but due to the fact that in wastewater we see the total viral load that exists in the community, i.e. asymptomatic carriers of the virus who are not covered by clinical observation. The spread is greater, but there is a decline. And in the next 2-3 weeks, at the end of January or the first week of February, we will have a serious de-escalation of the virus,” he said.

At the same time, the expert emphasized that the prevalence of Omicron reaches 95%, and emphasized that the booster dose protects not only from the Delta strain, but also by 80% from it.

WHO regional head: “Greece and Italy are approaching the peak of the spread of the Omicron mutation”

For his part, Professor of Pharmacology at Democritus University Evangelos Manolopoulos, who spoke at the program, noted that in the spring we will be much better epidemiologically, provided that nothing else aggravates the situation.

With regard to the body’s natural defenses, he emphasized that “immunity provided by natural disease lasts less and is less intense than vaccine immunity.”

It was also emphasized that “in order to acquire natural immunity, you run the risk of becoming seriously ill.” Regarding antiviral pills, Mr. Manolopoulos said that Merck pills, a covid drug, which, however, has not yet been approved by Coreper, have arrived in Greece, but has positive reviews.

“We want Pfizer tablets to be the most effective. But within a few months it will be quite difficult to get them (not available to everyone), because it is expensive, about 500-600 euros, ”he concluded.


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