Expert: those who have been ill with the Omicron strain are immune to Delta

Dimitris Paraskevis, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at EKPA and Member of the Expert Committee, spoke to ERT about the differences between the Delta and Omicron mutations.

The expert noted that those infected with the Omicron strain will not get the Delta variant because they have developed antibodies. He added that more patients with Delta were hospitalized compared to those with Omicron.

As a positive element, the assistant professor noted that the effectiveness of the booster dose of the Delta vaccine is very high. The professor emphasized that with the reopening of schools, “a large number of cases were detected in the early days, as a result of an increase in diagnostic testing of students and teachers. And yesterday and the day before yesterday, the number of new cases of covid decreased.”

As Mr Paraskevis says, “We had about 600 intubated before we started to see an increase in coronavirus cases. Before that, it was only about cases of Delta that continue to be detected.” Referring to the epidemiological evolution of the virus and the possible easing of measures, Mr Paraskevis emphasized that “the situation is rather unstable, the number of cases is still high, the pressure on the healthcare system is great, and we should by no means consider that it is already possible to relax “.


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