Mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers is enshrined in the Greek Constitution

The Plenum of the Supreme Council of State (Supreme Court of Greece) recognized the procedure for mandatory vaccination of medical workers as constitutional, rejecting the petition for annulment filed by ΠΟΕΔΗΝ. However, five members of the council ruled that the suspension measure was “disproportionate to achieve the intended purpose, and the legislator should have provided […]

"The unvaccinated don’t even need to be treated", – say the French

The vaccine pass bill in France was hotly debated for three days by the National Assembly. It has now passed its first reading and will be considered by the Senate after the weekend. During heated discussions, French President Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate in expressions, promising to “get” (soft translation) the unvaccinated, whom he considers […]

Greek Supreme Court ruled: “mandatory vaccination of occupational groups is constitutional”

Greece’s Supreme Court – the Council of State – ruled on Friday that compulsory vaccination of EMAK health workers and rescuers in the fire department is constitutional and in line with super-legal provisions. In addition, it held that the suspension from work of unvaccinated personnel and, therefore, without remuneration, was also in accordance with the […]

Mandatory vaccination: constitutionalists split in reaction to fine

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ announcement of a climate change action compulsory vaccination for citizens over 60 years old, which will be accompanied by a fine of 100 euros for each month of delay, has caused disagreements between the constitutionalists. According to some professors of constitutional law, this measure is justified by considerations of protecting the […]

"With a knife at my throat": citizens over 60 years old “run” to sign up for the vaccine

The € 100 fine for every month they remain unvaccinated forces the elderly to make a difficult decision and … get vaccinated. In the midst of backlash from the unvaccinated, anti-axers and the opposition in general to the “punitive” and clearly predatory measure of compulsory vaccination of all citizens over 60, under the threat of […]

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