Compulsory vaccination: expansion to other categories of citizens is being prepared

It is expected that in the coming days will be announced the decision of the Prime Minister to reduce the interval before the introduction of the third dose of the vaccine, that is, not after 6 months, but after 4 months.

Compulsory vaccination: open to other categories of citizens

This was stated by government spokesman Yannis Ikonoma during a media briefing, not excluding the possibility of extending compulsory vaccination to other categories of citizens. “By deciding on mandatory vaccination, we became one of the first countries in Europe, and others will follow us. It is the latest tool to increase vaccination coverage and is assessed according to the development of events and epidemiological events. “We are ready to do this at any time so that the pandemic ends,” he said, answering the relevant question.

At the same time, he answered the question about intubation outside intensive care units, reiterating that there is no study proving higher mortality. “When a patient is intubated outside the intensive care unit, it is done in accordance with the observation conditions that exist in surgical beds. We do not have scientifically proven statistics to justify any difference in the statistical probabilities of a tragic outcome, ”he said. He also explained that there are no plans to “close” the stadiums.

Mandatory vaccination: who will be fined and what benefits for people over 60 years old

Earlier, Thanos Pleuris, during a briefing at the Ministry of Health, announced an individualized framework for compulsory vaccination of people over 60 years old and announced the first case. Omikron Coronavirus mutation in Greece on the island of Crete. According to the minister, by January 16, people over 60 must plan at least the first dose of the vaccine so as not to be fined 100 euros.

Committees will be created – as was the case with the mandatory vaccination of medical workers – to consider applications that indicate a health condition in order not to vaccinate a citizen. There will be up-to-date information on mandatory vaccination exemption claims and how they will be handled.

If a citizen over 60 years of age is not vaccinated, he will be charged a fine of 100 euros every month. Only if the first dose is received before January 16, the penalty will not be charged. The provision, which was voted for in parliament, makes it possible even to extend this measure to those who will turn 60 on January 1, 2022.

General population control through self-testing for all

The second measure mentioned by the Minister of Health, which does not have mandatory characteristics, is the general control of the population for coronavirus by distributing free self-testing to all adult citizens. Its first stage will be held during the week from December 6 to 11. Another one will be available a week after the Christmas break. It is recommended that additional tests be done before the holiday events during the Christmas period.

What will happen to theme parks

The health minister announced that following the recommendations of the committee on Christmas theme parks that will open in the coming days, only vaccinated or recovered individuals will be admitted, and the procedure for minors will be the same as for entering enclosed spaces.

Certificate of the disease only using PCR, and not using an express test.

In the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will be issued, according to Mr. Pleuris, it will be provided that a rapid test will not be enough to issue a certificate of the disease, but a PCR test will be required. If someone tests positive for a rapid test, they will be quarantined, but a certificate of illness will only be issued based on the results of a PCR test.

Reducing the interval for the third dose of vaccine.

The health minister also said the government has asked the vaccination committee to shorten the time it takes for the third dose of the vaccine to be given four, rather than six months after the second dose, as previously planned.

The platform for vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 will be introduced as soon as our country receives vaccines that differ in dosage from adults.

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