Doctors’ application to “freeze” compulsory vaccination rejected

The Council of State responded “No” to a request for a temporary suspension by doctors and hospital staff with the aim of “freezing” the decision on the mandatory introduction of vaccinations. The Office of the Directorate General of the Council of Europe (Γ´ θερινό τμήμα του ΣτΕ), chaired by Vice President Ms Constantinidou, rejected four […]

Greece: the introduction of compulsory vaccination is paying off

Domna Mihailidou, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, spoke on ERT about the success of the mandatory vaccination action. Ms Mihailidou notes that after the start of compulsory vaccination it became clear for employees in the field of caring for the elderly and disabled people that the measure worked, and the employees showed conscientiousness […]

Mandatory vaccination: “The law will be implemented”

Deputy Minister of Health Vasilis Kontosamanis left no reason to postpone – neither official nor informal – in terms of introducing the suspension of the powers of medical workers who will not be vaccinated. Mr Kontosamanis announced twelve days before the deadline that the law would be implemented with regard to hospital staff, primary health […]

“There is a danger of a split in society”

Debates and discussions about mandatory vaccination are splitting the European Union, political analysts say. Against the background of an increase in the number of infected, vaccination campaigns in the European Union are stalling. Governments are encouraging and arguing for vaccinations to be vaccinated. The “carrot and stick” methods constantly intersect, and sometimes it is difficult […]

I prefer unemployment to vaccinations

An employee at the ΠΓΝΠ Hospital in Patras expressed his opinion, stating, “I was forced to get vaccinated, but I preferred unemployment and peace of mind.” An employee who retired from his job at the University Hospital of Patras (Πανεπιστημιακό Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Πατρών) when he was forced to vaccinate despite having been ill told the […]

Mandatory injection: for which professions compulsory vaccination will be introduced

Following the order on compulsory vaccination of EMAK firefighters, the government is considering expanding the list, that is, obliging other workers to be vaccinated. Following an opinion issued by the National Bioethics Committee, which makes recommendations for specific occupational groups of staff in public and private health facilities, as well as for staff caring for […]

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