"The unvaccinated don’t even need to be treated", – say the French

The vaccine pass bill in France was hotly debated for three days by the National Assembly. It has now passed its first reading and will be considered by the Senate after the weekend.

During heated discussions, French President Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate in expressions, promising to “get” (soft translation) the unvaccinated, whom he considers “irresponsible” and “unworthy to be citizens.” The head of state’s profanity regarding the unvaccinated was justified by a government official:

The words of the President of the Republic, it seems to me, are far from consistent with the anger of a fair majority of the French towards those who have made a choice not in favor of the vaccine. When you talk to French people today, many of them say that people who decide to refuse vaccination do not even need to be treated.

In Italy, while the omicron infection rate is at least as high as in France, the government yesterday supported the introduction of compulsory vaccinations for the age group over 50. The decision put Italy in the vanguard of European countries in the fight against “refuseniks” who do not want to be vaccinated against covid.

In contrast, the UK has made mitigating changes to the rules for travelers. Now they do not need to do a PCR test in advance, and those vaccinated with vaccines approved in the country are exempted from the 10-day mandatory quarantine. But on one condition: on the second day after arrival, you need to pass a test for antibodies to coronavirus. Antique Plan B, adopted by the government, will be in effect for three weeks.

Germany seriously fears that the proliferation of omicron could disrupt the work of critical infrastructure – nursing homes and hospitals. In this regard, the authorities decided to reduce the time of self-isolation for employees of these institutions to five days, subject to the presence of a negative PCR text.

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