Brazil is actively preparing for the carnival, canceling the state of emergency and coronavirus restrictions

The decision to cancel all pandemic-related restrictions introduced at the beginning of 2020 was made due to the improvement in the epidemiological situation and the high percentage of Brazilian citizens who have been vaccinated. Coronavirus took the lives of 662 thousand people in Brazil, according to this indicator, the country is in second place after […]

Belgium: 6 dead after car hit carnival participants

In Belgium, early on Sunday morning, when people were preparing to go through the traditional carnival procession through the streets of the city, the car crashed directly into the crowd. The tragic incident occurred in the town of Strepi-Braken in the south of the country, located 50 km from Brussels. The car at high speed […]

Carnival is over in Patras

The famous carnival in Patras, which took place “in particularly difficult conditions”, ended today. As the mayor of the city Kostas Peletidis emphasized in his speech on the occasion of the completion of the events, “2022 was a difficult year, which proved that the carnival in Patras can take place even in very difficult conditions,” […]

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