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Venice Carnival in Corfu: incredible camisoles and handmade masks

The “aroma” of another era is evoked by the carefully designed robes and masks in which lovers of carnival processions and costume balls took to the streets of the city.

This is the Venetian carnival in Corfu. On the streets and square Liston doji (title of the elected head of the Venetian Republic for more than ten centuries, from VIII to XVIII)countesses and lords parade majestically and take photographs with passers-by, creating a festive atmosphere of another era, similar to a fairy tale.

Behind the period costumes and glittering masks are two female stars. They are both residents of Corfu, Sofia Himariu and Maria Asoniti. Maria Asoniti still wears her first costume, which she designed and sewed in 2000, for the holiday. From then to this day, she has been creating masks, as well as designing and sewing outfits for artists. Relatives and friends “give life” to her creations and impress the townspeople on the streets of Corfu.


Sofia Himariu is a high fashion designer. She was born and raised in the historical center of Corfu. In her interview with reporters, she said that over the past 4 years she has designed and sewed 150 ancient clothes, real Venetian costumes, for children and adults.

“The materials I use are of excellent quality. I grew up and live in a place with a special culture and history. I decided to leave a legacy for my daughter as well. The Corfu Carnival is very important, it creates a special mood for young and old, and is the cultural heritage of our country,” says Ms. Sofia.

Her brother Georgios Pagratis taught her the art of sewing. Decades ago, they together sewed costumes for bus drivers, police officers, and later, together with her husband, they began to sew costumes for dance schools, philharmonic societies and carnivals. With extensive experience in haute couture design, Ms. Sofia was able to realize her dream of designing and sewing costumes from the princely period.


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