July 24, 2024

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Carnival – you laugh: dozens of arrests for drugs

On the night of 26/02, the authorities made dozens of arrests in the city of Patras and its environs, where the carnival was in full swing.

The Achaean capital was filled with people on the occasion of carnival events, more than 250,000 visitors, according to tempo24, enjoyed the fun. The carnival will end today with a big parade at 2 pm and a series of events that will last until the evening.

Against the backdrop of a frenzied revelry in Patras, dozens of arrests were made for possession of small amounts of drugs. According to tempo24among those arrested are two army lieutenants who are caught with a small amount of hashish and narcotic pills, they will be taken to the Athens military court with the materials of the case brought against them.

On Sunday morning, the police began to arrest two people who were found to have 14 counterfeit banknotes and 9 grams of hashish.

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