July 20, 2024

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Carnival in full swing: chocolate fights in Patras

Chocolate throwers and generals started the famous chocolate war in the context of this year’s Carnival of Patras.

At 12 noon, a chocolate battle began with the participation of fans of the amusing competitions Sokolatorihtes, Sokolatomachiy, Sokolatodormies, Sokolatomanies, Sokolatopaiktes and Sokolatovrohi.

“Sweet battle” accompanied by music, clowns and mischievous participants of the event took place in the historical center of the city of Patras. A hail of chocolates strewn the streets to the delight of passers-by, residents and guests of the city, writes lifo.gr.

Tomorrow chocolate fights will unfold “in full”. The traditionally colorful and “delicious” event will end with the grand carnival parade in Patras.

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