July 20, 2024

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The three-day weekend did not go well: 45 were drunk, five ended up in hospital

The first night of three days of Clean Monday in Patras was busy: Red Cross volunteers alone had to deal with 45 cases of drunkenness, most of which involved young people.

In fact, of these incidents, five were assessed as requiring transfer to hospitals in the Achaean capital, reports agriniopress.gr. Red Cross volunteers have set up an operations center in Georgiou Square to provide first aid to those in need in the coming days. In the same time two hospitals Patras, “Agios Andreas” and Universitetskaya, will be on duty until the evening of Clean Monday.

This year, Patras has seen a 15% increase in visitors from Athens, and from other destinations – Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Volos, Lamia – the increase in visitors reaches 25%.

On Friday evening, carnival performances and a parade took place on the streets of the city. The festive events attracted the attention and admiration of young and old, who had fun and took pictures with the performers in colorful costumes.

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