May 27, 2024

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Carnival in Patras has begun – the queen in red made an impression

The Patras Carnival 2024 officially opened its events today Saturday (20/01), welcoming many friends and lovers of this tradition.

The main slogan of this open invitation is the theme of this year’s Patras Carnival: “What if we are a couple? Our dreams continue to lift us up. Our dreams are still alive.

The Queen impressed the participants and guests

At the opening of the carnival, the queen of the Patras Carnival 2024, Giorgia Sacca, could not help but be present, who appeared in a red dress in the tradition of the Lavarus Carnival.


The morning’s activities included carnival parades with frolics to the rhythm of percussion, acrobatic juggling, music, dancing and a lot of mood for carnival wishes, as the focus was previously on the tradition of carnival lavars at the Patras City Hall.


Procession with the President of KEDIP, members of the Board, Advisory and Jury Committee, volunteers, carnivalists, the Queen of the Patras Carnival 2024, Georgia Sacca, and the Musical Chariot with Belladonna Maria Agouridis, to the rhythmic beat of the drums of the percussionists Ritmo Loco Street Band and the aerial presence of the spectacular stilt walkers X-Saltibagos, spreading the fun and causing glances from people on the sidewalks and balconies, they reached the entrance to the Town Hall.


At the entrance to the town hall, the procession was greeted by the mayor of Patras, who, to the carnival music of the Municipal Orchestra, accepted the carnival banner from the president of KEDIP-Carnival Patras.


The event ended with the established custom of a chocolate war, in which the mayor, the president of KEDEP and representatives of the associations “Chocolatechi”, “Chocolate Races”, “Chocolate Maniacs”, “Chocolate Battles”, “Chocolate Players” took part to offer their own sweet touch with their chocolates from the balcony of the town hall.

The Patras Carnival 2024 banner will hang on the Town Hall until the end of the events (March 17)celebrating the holiday of the capital of the carnival.

After the presentation of the carnival lavaro, the percussion group Ritmo Loco Street Band and X-Saltibagos went to George’s Square, where they became one with the people, dancing to Afro-Latin rhythms to the sounds of percussion.

Throughout today, which marks the beginning of the carnival activities, the ΚΕΔΗΠ-Carnival of Patras has prepared an extensive program of events, inviting people to come to the center of Patras and giving them many reasons for real carnival fun.

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