‘Uncle cuts, nephew sews’: Mitsotakis imposes sanctions against Russia, Mayor Bakoyannis keeps Athens in the dark

The uncle and nephew work in “perfect” coordination, and therefore, after K. Mitsotakis turns off the lights in parliament, Mayor K. Bakoyannis, in turn, “darkens” the Athens city hall in the context of “saving energy”. “Askesis” to which all Greeks will be forced to go, i.e. to starve, freeze and spoil their eyes (since they […]

Plan for the reconstruction of Ermou Street in the historical center of Athens (video)

The Central Council for Architecture (KESA) has approved a plan submitted by the Municipality of Athens for the redevelopment of the lower part of Ermou Street in the historic center of the Greek capital, which stretches from the Kapnikarei church to the Thiseio railway station. The plan reportedly includes widening sidewalks, removing temporary parking spaces, […]

Athens and Boston to become sister cities

The Greek capital of Athens and the US city of Boston are set to become “twin cities” after Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu made the decision over the weekend. Bakoyannis and Wu agreed on this during an official visit by the mayor of Athens to Boston, where he presented the Boston […]

Bakoyannis at an anti-war demonstration in London

Yesterday, a large-scale anti-war demonstration took place in Trafalgar Square in the center of the British capital. Dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, the participants expressed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine, condemning the Russian invasion. They held posters with slogans “Stop the war”, “Support Ukraine”. The speeches of politicians and public […]

Greeks criticize the mayor of Athens for a 17-minute speech by Sakis Rouvas without an audience for 215,000 euros

The Mayor of Athens spent € 217,000 on a 17-minute New Year’s performance by Greek singer Sakis Rouvas, which will take place without an audience on Lycabettus in the center of the capital. The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, and how reportedly The grand event includes the installation of a stage […]

The terrorist “November 17” who killed Pavlos Bakoyannis was released

The Greek authorities released from prison Iraklis Kostaris, a militant of the 17 November terrorist organization, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of journalist and politician Pavlos Bakoyannis, the father of the current mayor of Athens. This is reported by the edition eleftherostypos.gr Iraklis Kostaris was sentenced to life imprisonment and 23 […]

Ten Greek women who shaped modern Greece

Influential Greek women have played many decisive roles in Greek history since antiquity. It’s the same with modern Greece, where so many amazing women have changed and shaped the country today. Ten most influential Greek women Maria Callas Maria Callas was one of the most famous opera singers of the 20th century. Maria Callas, Greek […]

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