Tragedy in Thessaloniki: suicide and arson of an apartment

The 81-year-old man who committed suicide and started a fire in his apartment in Thessaloniki is believed to have had serious psychological problems. On Monday morning, July 5, the tragedy became known. An elderly man made the decision to commit suicide and at the same time set fire to his apartment. As it turned out, […]

Criminal negligence behind the Schinos fire

The unprecedented carelessness and lack of individual responsibility as the dominant element of modern Greek society are the factors that led to people wanting to burn dry branches in an olive grove near Schinos around 9 p.m. Wednesday, but as a result they burned down the whole area. On Thursday morning, fire department investigators promptly […]

A night of utter terror

When police cars were set on fire in an apartment building in Kalamaria, two people were hospitalized. As it became known, at about 3 am a fire broke out in the basement of an apartment building in Kalamaria (Thessaloniki), as a result of which serious material damage was caused to parked cars and motorcycles. Two […]

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