Signal flares cause new fire in Greece

At dawn today, another fire broke out in Daskalio (Keratea). The reason was two flares fired from the area near the beach. This is confirmed by witnesses and surveillance cameras. Lavreotika Mayor Dimitris Lucas gave details on the Hra Hellas of Open program on the Open channel: “Two flares fell, one red and one yellow, […]

Prosecutor General of Greece opened a case on deliberate arson

The intervention of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Vasilis Pliotas, was triggered by massive fires throughout Greece, and the prosecutor’s office immediately opened an investigation, as, as already noted, there are suspicions of deliberate organized arson. The order reads as follows: “The excessive number of fires of unusual intensity and magnitude that have occurred […]

The flame has crossed the National Road in Malakas and is heading towards Oropos

Unfortunately, something that everyone feared and tried to avoid happened. Late Friday evening, under the onslaught of the wind, a front of fire crossed the Athens-Lamia National Road at the level of Malakas. The authorities demand the evacuation of Markopoulos Oropu, Buffy, Mavrosuvala, Milesi and Levidi, and Malakas has already been evacuated. Police with fire […]

Vasilis Kutsavlis: "Today’s fire is arson"

“Today’s fire is arson,” said Vasilis Kutsavlis, president of the Tatoi Manor Friends Association, during a briefing with reporters. “I have known the estate for many years. I cannot explain what is happening otherwise. It seems that the situation is escalating. A new fire has just erupted in the Royal Cemetery. What some people failed […]

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