May 30, 2024

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Students set fire to 5 cars in Zografou

The destruction of vehicles was recorded following incidents that occurred in the early morning near the Zografou campus.

Specifically, at approximately 2 a.m., a group of 30 people left the Polytechnic University and set fire to garbage cans on Imitu Street and parked cars, of which 5 were completely burned and another was seriously damaged. An unexploded bottle of Molotov cocktail was also found at the entrance to the Polytechnic University.

Due to the incidents, traffic was stopped in both directions of Olof Palme Street and was restored at around 8 a.m., as the road had to be cleared first.

This seems to be the reaction of the youth who opposed the private university bill. To be heard, the students “tried.” And thus the protest took such an ugly form.

Let us remind you that March 8 bill adopted: the beginning of a new era was announced in parliament, and opponents of innovations went on strike en masse outside the walls of parliament.

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