May 25, 2024

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Fire in Avlon: 11(!) sources of ignition

The fire front in Agios Georgios Vlora has been brought under control, Oropos Mayor Georgios Jasimakis told APE-MPA. At the same time, he noted that in the morning in the area, one after another, 11 fires broke out.

“Fortunately, the situation has now calmed down somewhat, and we do not have an active front. The fire department, the police and our volunteers were immediately mobilized, and we managed to eliminate everything before the situation became uncontrollable,” said Mr. Jasimakis Afinsko -Macedonian news agency, and then emphasized:

“We had 11 outbreaks around the perimeter. Every block is a fire, with the first one starting at 8:06 in the morning. For me, this is not an accidental incident. Each block is a new fire. Fortunately, we immediately mobilized with the first fire, and then on in our eyes they flashed one after another. We followed them, and so we managed to catch them before they spread.”

It is worth noting that in the Avlona area, there is a large refugee reception center, which is home to several hundred migrants who arrived in Greece in different years. Local residents constantly complain about thefts from their homes in the wider area – from Avlona to Malakasa and Oropos.

Among the residents of the district there is talk that the “refugees” were offered a part-time job in arson. In social networks, there are suggestions that the so-called. “unaccompanied minors” who, according to Greek law, cannot be prosecuted.

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