May 30, 2024

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The culprit of 5 (!) fires was arrested

In Karystos, a 20-year-old boy was arrested, who repeatedly set fires for the sake of a beautiful spectacle.

He confessed to the arson, giving the reason: “I loved seeing the fire trucks working and putting out the flames.”

An inquisitive young man, detained by the Karystos fire brigade, after a preliminary investigation, was taken to the Avlona prison for deliberately setting dry grass on fire.

In a conversation with investigators, the guy admitted that it was he who set the fire, and then posted the corresponding messages on Facebook. The court sent the young man to jail. According to the detainee, the last time he started a fire with a lighter was on August 24. Confessing that he was afraid of the punishment that threatened him, he said:

“I decided to confess what happened and decided to stop completely. I wrote on Facebook that it was on fire right now. I described the exact place, I also informed the fire department and went to put out the fire.”

The guy stressed that he regrets and understands his mistake, asking “big apologies from those whom I caused suffering.” He admitted to causing four more fires in the Karystos area earlier in July and August 2023, with a fifth under investigation. writes

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