May 25, 2024

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Gasoline canister found after devastating fire on Parnit

A few days after the fire that threatened the Parnita National Forest was extinguished, in unaffected areas of the forest, citizens still continue to throw out various garbage. Moreover, the volunteers found a canister with gasoline residue!

In the tank, according to the news channel “Alpha”, there was a small amount of flammable substance. At this place, a small dump was actually formed, and nearby – dry grass. That is, another fire could well have occurred!

“Some brainless person left a canister there. How he arrived there and left the canister is unknown. If not for the fire, we would not have found it, – said the chairman of the municipal council of the region, Femis Economou. – It is not the municipality that is responsible for the forests, but the forestry department. Therefore, I cannot answer for sure whether there was a cleaning in those places.”

“The forest department has a minimum staff. It is necessary to reorganize all planning with the participation of the forestry department, the fire department and the municipalities. Today we had a new meeting where we discussed the action plan. Employees of the municipality record the damage from the fire every day,” the official stressed.

It is noted that shortly after the above message on the scene of the incident left the relevant services and carry out its cleaning.


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