July 19, 2024

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The flames have reached houses in Kranidi – the front in Achaia is getting larger, it has expanded to 10 km

The second “wave” of fires began in Greece shortly after 17.00 pm, with firefighting efforts focusing on the Achaea and Kranidi fronts.

Fires have engulfed houses in Kranidi as winds remain strong.

The 112 service called on residents to evacuate their homes and head to Porto Heli and Ermioni. The fire brigade, private water carriers and fire trucks from the Ermionida municipality are on site. Additional air forces have been requested and are on the way. In particular, 22 firefighters with 9 vehicles and 1 helicopter are already on site.

A flurry of messages was sent to residents of settlements located near the fire that broke out in the Mastrantoni agroforestry area of ​​Achaia by calling 112. Earlier, a message was sent to residents of the Panusaiki area in Achaia asking them to evacuate to Stavrodromi.

In addition, residents of the villages of Katsuprinaina and Pantazaika in Achaia have been alerted by calling 112 to evacuate their area and head to Kalfa. Residents in the Galaro area of ​​Achaea also received a 112 message to leave towards Portes.

72 firefighters, 2 foot groups, 27 vehicles, 3 aircraft and 1 helicopter are participating in the firefighting effort.

Fire continues in the Golemi area in Phthiotis, evacuation of the camp in Anavissos Lakka

There are 24 firefighters, 1 marching group, 8 vehicles, 2 airplanes and 1 helicopter at the scene in Golemi. A fire is burning in a forest area. A major fire is also raging in Ilia, closing the Patras-Pyrgos road.

The fire broke out in the area of ​​Fragopidima, near Pyrgos, and is moving towards the villages of Khanakia and Alpochori, and is also approaching Myrtia. The Pyrgos-Patras national road was closed. Evacuation has been announced in Khanakia and Alpokhori.

According to the latest data, the situation with the fire in Mavro-Litari is improving, and the fire has been brought under control. As soon as a huge fire broke out in Mavro Lithari, authorities ordered the evacuation of the camp located in Anavissos Lakka for the safety of children.

A fire has also broken out in the Lykiya region, causing forests to burn. Due to the fire, message 112 has been activated, which states that it is a forest fire, residents of Douk Vrisi and Kefalovriso are asked to move towards Lypokia.

In Arcadia, a fire broke out earlier in the agroforestry region of Megalopolis; 13 vehicles with 51 firefighters and 3 foot sections are working at the scene. From the air there are 6 planes and 2 helicopters.

In connection with the fire in Megalopolis, a 112 signal was also sounded for residents of Khoremi, asking them to retreat to the Veligost area.

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