Poll: why in Greece some citizens are not vaccinated

A recent study by Focus Bari reveals the reason why coronavirus deniers in Greece continue to view the vaccine negatively and flatly refuse to get vaccinated. According to the study, the proportion of Greeks who received the vaccine shows a steady increase from January to October 2021, and remains constant thereafter, practically unchanged. Young people […]

Died anti-waxer doctor

A doctor who spoke out openly against the obligation to vaccinate medical workers while he was suspended from service fell ill with the coronavirus. According to the local publication, the doctor, who was not vaccinated and even held a rally against the mandatory vaccination, some time later contracted COVID19 himself. The man was admitted to […]

Authorities are investigating the connection "guardians of the constitution" with the threat of death to the mayor of Kilkis

An investigation into the death threat to the mayor of Kilkis in northern Greece is underway if he does not order to “remove all illegal migrants from the area,” state broadcaster ERT reported on Monday. By publishing a document received on December 10 by the office of the mayor of Kilkis Dimitris Kyriakidis, the ERT […]

Anti-Vaxers took up arms and called for the “execution of traitors”

Greek antivaxers have taken up arms and are calling for the execution of politicians, judges, military, police and citizens who are guilty of “destroying humanity with the coronavirus vaccine.” According to the article, published in the newspaper “Realnews”, the text of the “sacred statement” was posted on the main page of the publication and signed […]

Your word, comrade Mauser?

I haven’t written about my “favorite” anti-vaccines for a long time. The state – and I fully support it in this particular case – has declared a real war on them … And no one desires to fight the state – whether it is right or not, confrontation in the overwhelming majority of cases is […]

The difficult situation with vaccination on Mount Athos

Most of the inhabitants of the monasteries of the Holy Mountain and the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the cells do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Information about how many monks and in which monasteries were vaccinated, published website ΕΘΝΕΓΕΡΣΙΣ (National Uprising – Greek), sponsored by the Athonite monks and their […]

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