Anti-Vaxers took up arms and called for the “execution of traitors”

Greek antivaxers have taken up arms and are calling for the execution of politicians, judges, military, police and citizens who are guilty of “destroying humanity with the coronavirus vaccine.”

According to the article, published in the newspaper “Realnews”, the text of the “sacred statement” was posted on the main page of the publication and signed on behalf of “the custodians of Article 120 of the Constitution.” This document has an extreme right-wing ideological basis, and anyone who signs the text declares that he has the right, as it is literally said, to “shoot” and “execute”. The anti-tuxers managed to persuade a total of 2,000 people to sign this “sacred statement.”

It is noted that the prosecutor’s office reacted to the “manifesto” of anti-Axis, which opened a criminal case on this fact. According to local media outlets, this statement significantly heightens the accusations against the most extreme groups of the anti-Axis movement. “This text can be called the charter of a criminal organization,” said an official familiar with the investigation.

“Article 120 of the Constitution gives me the right to execute anyone who spreads the virus or receives ineffective medications, and especially those illegal immigrants who have entered my country and are carriers of the virus,” the statement said.

The text is entitled “Report-Complaint”. “A sacred statement on the revitalization and application of Article 120 and a complaint about crimes committed against the people and the nation,” reads its first sentence. Then on the first of 20 pages there is a special field where signers can fill in all their details, as well as their VAT number and religion.

It is worth noting that the text was first circulated in 2012 at the height of the financial crisis. However, it has now been updated to include links to the Prespa Agreement as well as the influx of refugees that the country accepted from 2015 to 2020. In its latest form, December 2020, the text focuses on the vaccination campaign and the pandemic.

2,000 citizens who signed the “sacred statement” filed it at dozens of police stations throughout Greece. Initially, the police did not pay attention to the citizens who submitted these documents. However, after the discovery of photographic documents, which showed that a group of anti-Axis were holding weapons and practicing “survival tactics”, the attitude towards them changed dramatically. Like us previously reported, a prosecutor’s investigation has already begun on the facts of disobedience to the authorities, the creation of a criminal organization, the illegal carrying and use of weapons.

According to the article, in a “sacred statement” the signatories demand the “execution of traitors” who are responsible either for the financial crisis or for the health crisis that occurred not only in Greece, but throughout the planet.

In addition, the signatories of the “sacred statement” demand that the country’s police authorities inform them and assist them in the executions they will take for every action related to the health crisis: “… I ask you, Commander, but also any legal judicial body to help me in the above (murder, execution of traitors) “.

Elsewhere, they demand that the country’s armed forces provide them all with weapons available to the Greek army. On the last page of the document, they note: “I and my fellow citizens demand that the senior officers of the armed forces give us weapons and flags.”

Information indicates that recently a split has been outlined in the anti-Axe movement. Police have focused their investigations on four groups, joined by cells of the banned Greek Dawn party (Chrissi Avgi). The research focuses on Thessaloniki, where several new and old fascist groups operate.

Earlier, we reported that members of the Constitutional Zealots (Guardians) group captured the school principal, beat him and took him to the police station. A beaten man was handed over there to a shocked cop, statingthat he “tortured their children” by forcing them to “wear masks” and “undergo self-tests,” and also asked the police to “order the school to end this child abuse”.

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