Antivaxers "discharged" € 1.8 trillion fine to the governor

Greek anti-axers continue to troll the country’s authorities. The other day, they sent a decision on a fine of almost 1.8 trillion euros to the Governor of the South Aegean Sea, Giorgos Hatzimarkos, and members of the regional council.

The payment order must be paid within 20 days, the document says.

The fine was sent by a group of anti-Axis, calling themselves “native Greeks”, conspiracy theorists who like to sue with exorbitant fines, mainly to teachers for “forcing children to self-test and wear masks.”

The demand for the payment of the fine to Hatzimakos and 52 councilors was posted by the region’s governor on social media. The reason for the fine is not clearly indicated, as the sender vaguely refers to some unknown “Agreement”.

Hatzimarkos decided not to bother with this requirement and humorously wrote on his Facebook account that the regional government spent a lot of time calculating the required amount, adding that they “now have to organize a benefit concert or sell DVD with council meetings” in order to collect the required 1 799,616,000,000 euros.

“You can spend hours wondering what went wrong in this country,” said Governor Hatzimarkos.

It should be noted that these groups are not so harmless. We recently wrote about group of anti-axers (guardians of the constitution), in the form of soldiers of the Greek army and police, who took up arms and called for the execution of politicians, judges, military, police officers and citizens who are guilty of “destroying humanity with the coronavirus vaccine.”

According to the article, published in the newspaper “Realnews”, the text of the “sacred statement” was posted on the main page of the publication and signed on behalf of “the custodians of Article 120 of the Constitution.” This document has an extreme right-wing ideological basis, and anyone who signs the text declares that he has the right, as it is literally said, to “shoot” and “execute”. The anti-tuxers managed to persuade a total of 2,000 people to sign this “sacred statement.”

Their colleagues attacked teachers, threatened to execute mayors and other officials.

It is worth noting that the authorities practically did not react to such actions, which raises suspicions that these groups are fake and are designed to discredit the anti-Axist movement, as well as intimidate potential opponents of vaccination.

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