The difficult situation with vaccination on Mount Athos

Most of the inhabitants of the monasteries of the Holy Mountain and the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the cells do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Information about how many monks and in which monasteries were vaccinated, published website ΕΘΝΕΓΕΡΣΙΣ (National Uprising – Greek), sponsored by the Athonite monks and their worldly friends.

According to the website, as of December 17, 2021, the following vaccination situation is observed on Mount Athos:

In the monastery of Simonopetra, all monks (except for 5-6 brethren) are vaccinated. In Xenophon there are almost all monks. 4–5 monks refused to be vaccinated in Pantokrator. In the monastery of Stavronikita – out of 27 monks, 6 were not vaccinated. In Iverskoe, out of about 30 inhabitants, 10 were not vaccinated. In Kutlumush – 7 out of 25 monks are not vaccinated. In the Vatopedi monastery, before hegumen Ephraim made an announcement in September (in support of vaccination), 80 of 110 monks refused to be vaccinated, and 30 agreed. At the moment, 65 people in the monastery are not vaccinated and about 45 are vaccinated. In the monastery of New Esfigmen, both inhabitants are vaccinated *. In the monastery of St. Paul, only 3 monks are vaccinated. In the monastery of the Great Lavra, out of 50 monks, 7 people were vaccinated.

The monks of the monasteries refused to be vaccinated: Dionysiates (by the common decision of the brethren), Philotheus, Caracallus, Konstamonit, Xiropotam, Grigoriat, Dochiar, the Bulgarian monastery Zograf, Serbian monastery Khilandar, Russian Holy Panteleimon monastery, Old Esphigmen (not one of about 120 monks) … Also, 95% of Kelliots are not vaccinated.

As we reported earlier, vaccinations on Mount Athos started 2March 0, 2021. From October to November 2021 alone, more than 100 cases of coronavirus were recorded on Holy Mountain. The number of his victims at the end of November 21 was 12 people.

* As the authors of the site used to say: “monks” of New Esfigmen, who are rightly called “decoy ducks”, both inhabitants, of course, were the first to run to get “inoculated” …

One commentator noted:

Monks on Mount Athos do not need to pay for housing and communal services to care for their loved ones, went to bed and died. In the world, ordinary laypeople what to do, who are also betrayed by the apostate church leaders, who have already ACCEPTED praise like false prophets from WHO for hard work in the struggle against something incomprehensible (but in fact with the true teaching of the Holy Fathers of the Church), the backsliding and stupefied government at the mercy of the “new wonderful order “, we do not have the right to vote in the Church and we cannot preach publicly in the church? In a monastery, monasteries are not shelters and shelters, they will not accommodate everyone (and whether they have remained), and the way there for the majority, alas, is closed by a human decision, this is a call from the Lord, nothing else. One consolation is the Word of God, solidarity in bearing hardships and not yet sorrows, but instead of preaching about salvation and the fight against sins and passions, pharisaic propaganda from the pulpit about solidarity in the fight against ???? wearing masks everywhere and everywhere, whining with pink snot about how “weak” and “sinful” we are, and how we’ll go to hell right after the “new year”, if we don’t appease … Just do not go, but drag there alternately with dreams of paradise without “consolations” in the form of channels “saved” and “union”, with their pseudo-theological delirium about the benefits of vaccines and PR from the “red zones”, without candlesticks and handkerchiefs alone with their own and accepted heresy and lies, for that blasphemy and the devilish flattery of which we are accomplices and we will not cover the shame of our face with masks. If we do not come to our senses and do not pull ourselves together, we will not humble ourselves under a strong hand, in which there is both life and death. If we do not repent and do not finally choose for ourselves what is God’s or human for us.
Pray for us, our brothers in Christ. May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy and save his unworthy and fearful worthless slaves with the prayers of the Most Pure and Most Blessed Mother of God. Glory to Him forever and ever. Amen.

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