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Shocking report from Japanese scientists: “Cancer deaths increase sharply after mass Covid vaccination”

A Japanese study published a few days ago in the journal Cureus entitled “Increased age-adjusted cancer mortality after third dose of mRNA”is shocking with its results, since it indicates significant increase in mortality from this disease after vaccination with Covid mRNA vaccine injections.

Thus, there is growing evidence that the problems after the pandemic and mass vaccination will be much more serious for Western societies. What is certain is that after mass vaccination, situations will arise that did not exist before the pandemic. Increased number of deaths, many strokes and cardiac arrests, many diseases and spread of cancer. Dr John Campbell spoke to oncologist Angus Dalglish about the rise in cancer rates following vaccination.

Cancer after Covid vaccination. Professor Angus Dalglish is an experienced physician, GP, medical teacher, medical author and researcher with over 500 primary research publications. He was also an early HIV/AIDS researcher. Here we discuss recent observed changes in cancer incidence and mortality rates. Some of the discussion takes into account the results of a recent study that noted increased cancer mortality in Japan.

“Japanese researchers provide strong evidence of an increase in the incidence of several types of cancer, especially after the third additional dose of the vaccine,” – Campbell says!

“Statistically significant increases in age-adjusted mortality rates for all cancers and some specific cancers, namely ovarian, leukemia, prostate, lip or oral cavity/pharyngeal, pancreatic and breast cancers, are observed in 2022,” – says the study.

Dr Campbell spoke to oncologist Angus Dalglish about cancer after vaccination. Dalglish says he has seen an increase in cancer diagnoses since vaccinations began: “They're not saying it's because of cuts to cancer care, they're not saying it's because of lockdown, they're saying it's a result of vaccinations.”.

Campbell clarified that the study shows mortality, not diagnoses: “I think the important point here is that the data is about cancer deaths, not new cancer cases.”. It is reasonable to assume that many more people with these cancers were treated and their lives were prolonged by oncologists and doctors in Japan, so it is likely that these data reflect the number of new deaths rather than the number of new cases.”

The study provides statistics on the island nation's vaccination rate. “As of March 2023, 80% of the Japanese population have received the first and second doses, 68% have received the third dose and 45% have received the fourth,” – says the study dated April 8.

Campbell did not explain how the Covid vaccine could cause cancer. The doctor noted that it is not yet known what these results mean for the future. “We just don't know, and that's a concern.” Campbell said.

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