November 30, 2023

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COVID-19 cases are rising in Europe

The summer season is over, Europeans are returning home from vacation, and the number of positive coronavirus tests is slowly but surely increasing. What awaits us in winter?

Celebrating increase in infections, experts urge not to panic, but also not to forget about protection. The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe says:

“COVID-19 is still here. We should not panic, but we must ensure vaccination. The continent is prepared. Of course, the big caveat is whether – hopefully not – a mutant will appear that will be a little more dangerous and spread faster. At best “It will be a bit like the flu scenario. The focus needs to be on vulnerable people because too many people have been left behind, especially in long-term care settings.”

Experts unanimously believe that the vaccine remains the best defense against coronavirus. But among them there are also optimists. Kike Bassat, for example, states:

“Frankly, I don’t think Europe is at risk. Only those people, those countries that still have low vaccination coverage, will remain at risk because they will see an increase in clinical disease, serious clinical disease and hospitalizations. Indeed “A new generation of vaccines is currently being developed and we expect them to be available by the end of this month. But people should rest assured. The vaccines they have received are already very good at protecting them from severe disease.”

The European Commission recently gave the green light new vaccine to combat the omicron subvariant, but that’s not all. European Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakidis says:

“Coordination and collaboration are the foundation of a strong European Health Union. And since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working with Member States, providing advice through the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on how to control COVID-19, on the need for sequencing, surveillance, vaccination strategies.

She addresses all European citizens, quotes euronews:

“A strong European Health Union means we all need to work together to tackle the public health situation. So follow the advice your doctors give you about whether you need to get vaccinated or not, and practice basic hand hygiene. I “I think this is extremely important. If you feel unwell, stay at home, it may not be COVID. It may be the flu. But we must protect each other during the difficult autumn-winter period that may come.”

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