September 22, 2023

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How the Greeks died in Libya – details of the accident

“Two of the five people killed in the accident were the children of the head of the Greek community,” says Giorgos Sagianos, president of the European School in Benghazi, describing the circumstances of the fatal road accident in Libya.

According to Mr. Sagianos, yesterday at 10 o’clock in the morning a C-130 plane arrived in Libya with Consul General Stavros Venizelos and three translators, two of them are the children of the president of the Greek community, as well as 15 members of the mission.

A container with humanitarian aid, a new bus with members of the mission and two army escort vehicles left the airport for the city of Derna. Due to the destruction of the national road, the convoy was forced to travel through villages and mountains. In the village of Marawa, at about 14:30 in the afternoon, a car carrying a family from Libya and traveling towards it collided with a bus and caused a fire.

A family traveling in the car, as well as five people sitting in the front left side of the bus, were burned, Mr. Sagianos said. “It was an accident,” he noted.

Let us remind you that the General Staff of National Defense of Greece reported on the tragedy in Libya: 5 Greeks were killed, 15 were injured, seven were in critical condition. The bodies of three soldiers and two translators killed in Libya were repatriated by C-27 aircraft. They participated in the mission on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Defense Minister Nikos Dendias declared three days of mourning in the armed forces.

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