September 22, 2023

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The Greek National Defense General Staff reports on the tragedy in Libya: 5 Greeks killed, 15 injured, seven in critical condition (video)

As a result of a road accident in Libya, members of the Greek humanitarian mission were injured: four were killed, 15 people were injured, seven of them were hospitalized in serious condition.

By data ΓΕΕΘΑ, three soldiers were killed and two were missing, there is information about seven Greek soldiers who were seriously injured. Major international news agencies broadcast statements by Libyan Health Minister Osman Abdel Jalil, who spoke about 4 dead and 15 wounded Greeks, of whom 7 were hospitalized in serious condition.

On Sunday afternoon, September 17, a violent traffic accident occurred when a bus carrying a Greek humanitarian mission, which was heading to the city of Derna in Libya, collided head-on with a truck and then burst into flames. The mission, which arrived in Libya on Sunday morning to help flood victims in Derna, consisted of 19 people, mostly military doctors and nurses. In addition to them, there were 16 military personnel on the bus. Two medical workers and a special forces officer were killed.

The Greeks injured in the accident are being treated in Benghazi hospitals and, depending on the situation, a decision will be made on the need for their urgent return to Greece. A C-130 carrying medical personnel and medical equipment took off from the Elefsina base to fly to Benghazi. Yesterday at 19:30 ΓΕΕΘΑ published the following announcement:

“The General Staff of National Defense reports that at noon on Sunday, September 17, 2023, a bus carrying medical personnel of the Armed Forces traveling to Libya as part of assistance collided with a car traveling in the opposite direction. According to the competent diplomatic authorities of Greece, as a result The accident, which occurred under still unclear circumstances, there were victims, they were taken to the nearest hospitals in the area. The causes and circumstances of the incident are being clarified jointly with the Libyan authorities, an operation is underway to collect personnel in Benghazi and repatriate them. C-130 plane at 112 am at Elefsine with medical personnel is ready for takeoff.”

Message from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“The Greek mission, which was heading to provide humanitarian assistance to Libya, was involved in a car accident today during a trip to the city of Derna. In agreement with the Ministry of National Defense, the UN and the European Union, the Consulate General of Greece in Benghazi is ready to assist the mission and assist in its repatriation.”

It has just been reported that the bodies of three soldiers and two translators killed in Libya have been repatriated by C-27 aircraft. They participated in the mission on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Defense Minister Nikos Dendias declared three days of mourning in the armed forces. He declared:

“I express my deepest sorrow at the death of three military personnel who died in the line of duty while serving on the Greek humanitarian aid mission in Libya. Their deaths in an accident during a practical demonstration of solidarity with our brothers undergoing trials alongside members of other missions states, causes great sadness to the large family of the armed forces, as well as the entire Greek people. I also express my deepest sorrow for the death of two civilians participating in the same mission. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims of the accident at this time, to whom we “We express our most sincere condolences, as well as to the wounded, to whom we wish a speedy recovery. By my decision, three days of mourning have been declared in the Armed Forces in connection with the death of officers during a humanitarian aid mission in Libya.”

At approximately 7 a.m., a C-130 carrying 14 repatriated Greeks arrived in Elefsina, while a C27 ​​transport carried the bodies of five. As for the wounded, how reported journalist Giorgos Sideris, there are serious injuries, and all of them will be transferred to military hospitals, where they will undergo the necessary examination.

The repatriation of the Greek mission members was difficult because the wounded were in different hospitals. The condition of the victims is expected to be announced, but the circumstances of the shocking accident remain unclear.

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