May 18, 2024

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Study: hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths in the US from COVID-19

If not for misinformation from doctors, hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved, according to a study published in Science Alert.

According to him, 52 American doctors spread various false information about the coronavirus. Including the statement that “the majority of those who received the COVID vaccine will die by 2025.”

This is the first such study, where public health professionals at the University of Massachusetts Amherst identified the types of misinformation about COVID-19 being spread by U.S. doctors. Sahana Sule of the University of Massachusetts, along with colleagues, concluded that out of a million deaths from infection, at least a third could have been avoided.

While investigating media misinformation, Soule’s team uncovered more than 50 doctors spreading fake claims. They have been licensed in 29 states and have been spreading medical misinformation for decades. Twitter has proven to be the most favorable platform in this regard. There, 37 doctors spread misinformation through the site to 9 million subscribers. Both other social networks and news publications were used.

Disinformation was “measured” in four categories: vaccines, drugs, masks and distance, as well as other fake statements. For example, some doctor liars have claimed that most cases of COVID-19 were allegedly found in vaccinated people. Infertility and damage to the immune system were also common topics. There was misinformation about chronic diseases in children and about cancer allegedly caused by covid. Some of the information was about an advertisement for an “ineffective” drug against the infection.

Some doctors spoke about the inappropriate use of masks. Others have spread conspiracy theories about government cover-ups of sensitive information.

Soule says the motivations of these doctors require more research. However, colleagues found that spreading disinformation had become too lucrative. U.S.-based Frontline Doctors have made at least $15 million by prescribing the germicidal hydroxychloroquine and oral ivermectin for worms, mites, and lice to treat COVID-19 through their $90 telemedicine service per consultation…

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