At the EU summit in Brussels, decided to toughly fight fakes about vaccination

Noting the success of vaccination campaigns in many countries, participants in the EU summit in Brussels highlighted its shortcomings. In many countries, the situation with coronavirus vaccinations remains serious. For example, in Romania, only one third of the country’s population is vaccinated, and the two-week rate of new cases of covid per 100,000 population has […]

YouTube Tightens Policy – Fake Videos About Any Vaccines Will Be Removed

False claims and videos questioning the effectiveness and safety of any approved vaccine, not just COVID-19, will be removed, YouTube said. Video hosting, owned by the IT concern Google (USA), announced its the decision Wednesday, September 29th. In an interview with Bloomberg, Matt Halprin, vice president of YouTube, said the company is thus increasing its […]

Biden blames social media, Facebook calls him a disinformer

Facebook called the accusations of US President Biden against social networks about vaccine disinformation as contradictory to the facts. The company said, according to TASS, that in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the participation of the whole society is necessary, and “the information component of these efforts should be based on facts, and not […]

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