Greece: social media scanning and criminal liability

The Greek government is taking vaccine deniers and fake people seriously. Takis Theodoricakos, Minister of Civil Protection, ordered the scanning of social media. The authorities intend to quickly detect the disseminators of false information about the effectiveness of vaccines and their dangers. The tsunami of digital misinformation is growing and is turning into a slowly […]

Thessaloniki flooded with fake 2 euros

The criminal group of counterfeiters was liquidated by the Directorate of the Economic Police of Northern Greece. The arrested were found coins worth 2 euros of dubious authenticity. In this case, six foreigners were detained, who are accused of “organizing criminal activity”, as well as “selling counterfeit coins and other means of payment.” The criminal […]

“A magnet is attracted to the place of vaccination against COVID-19, which means there are chips or metals in vaccines”

The team of Vox Chek, an independent analytical platform, as part of a partnership with Facebook to verify fakes, has investigated and unequivocally claims that information about the attraction of the metal to the vaccination site, which allegedly indicates the presence of chips in vaccines, is unreliable. However, independent foreign fact checkers from Reuters, FullFact, […]

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