Fake Instagram post posted information about Germany’s intention to place Ukrainians in a former concentration camp

The Sachsenhausen Memorial has denied fake messages spread in Telegram groups that it is ready to accept and accommodate refugees from Ukraine at the site of a former concentration camp. According to the publication Bildthe German police are investigating the incident, which falls under Article 130 of the Criminal Code – inciting hatred. On Tuesday, […]

Fighting fakes: Pentagon experiments on Ukrainian soldiers

Some media, including those offering information and analytical programs, confidently reported that the Pentagon’s biolaboratories were experimenting on Ukrainian soldiers. “News of the week”, for example, talking about the successes of the Russian troops in the “special operation”, they reported that “Ukrainian soldiers surrender whole units even in a lull”, while “strange things are found”. […]

Czech Republic: “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter”

The English-language Czech online magazine Prague Morning published information about the ban on entry into some Prague shops for Ukrainian citizens. Photos were posted on social networks where signs with the inscription: “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter” were visible on the windows of Prague trade establishments. However, the publication was quickly caught in the […]

“Missile attack” on the frigate “Admiral Makarov” turned out to be a fake of Deputy Goncharenko

The United States has no information confirming the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Admiral Makarov frigate, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. “We’ve been watching this all day,” Kirby said. The speaker of the President of Ukraine, Aleksey Arestovich, who earlier hastened to declare that “Admiral Makarov was hit by a Ukrainian […]

AFP apologizes for Chernobyl radiation fake

The French news agency, one of the largest in the world, took an unprecedented step by apologizing in news release error on the excessive release of radioactivity at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The French news agency cites a translation error and explains that it was trying to translate the word “normal”, given that it […]

Google.News blocked in Russia

Roskomnadzor has restricted access to the News.Google service (Google News) on the territory of the Russian Federation. The reason is “fakes about a special operation in Ukraine.” The edition “Current time”, focused on the Russian-speaking audience in Russia, quotes the department: “Based on the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, Roskomnadzor restricted access to […]

Thousands of fake euros arrived in Greece

Thousands of counterfeit 2 euro coins were found in a container that arrived in the Greek port of Piraeus, the place of departure of which is China. Judging by the documents, there should have been watches, clothes and jewelry. Counterfeit coins were discovered by employees of the Independent State Revenue Administration (Ανεξάρτητης Αρχής Δημοσίων Εσόδων). […]

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