New study: Fully vaccinated are less contagious

According to a new study recently published in the international journal JAMA Network openfully vaccinated people infected with coronavirus transmit the infection to fewer people and are contagious for a shorter period of time than people who are partially or not vaccinated at all. The highlights of this study are summarized by Theodora Psaltopoulou (Professor […]

European COVID certificate: new rules adopted by the Commission

Under new rules approved by the Commission, the validity of vaccination certificates for 270 days (9 months) after the first series of vaccinations will no longer apply to minors. According to, on Tuesday the Commission approved new rules regarding the digital vaccination certificate under the regulation EU regarding COVID. They allow minors to dispense […]

“Bomb” from an expert: fourth dose and 10 years of annual vaccinations

The effect of the vaccine and natural immunity are gradually weakened. “This applies to all currently known COVID-19 mutations, and now we’re going to find out with the Omicron strain,” said Pfizer CEO Albert Burla. The expert expressed confidence that Omicron poses a serious problem, as the new version envisages the concept of a fourth […]

In Greece, 30-year-olds continue to die from covid

In Larisa and Trikala, two 30-year-olds were killed. According to unconfirmed reports, the 32-year-old man was vaccinated. Just two days after the death of 29-year-old Pavlos Papayannis in Trikala, two more young people have died of coronavirus in Thessaly. According to, a 34-year-old woman from Trikala died in hospital from covid on Monday morning, […]

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