Honorary Prize for the Greek: “Best Family Doctor” in the world for 2021

The World Family Doctor Prize for 2021 was awarded to Anargyros D. Mariolis, Director of Areopolis Health Center (Κέντρου Υγείας Αρεόπολης) and physician at the University of Athens School of Medicine by the World Organization of Family Physicians WONCA. It is an honorary international award given every two years to doctors from all over the […]

Recruitment of 4,000 nurses and 910 doctors for medical institutions in Patras

Health Minister Thanos Pleuris announced the recruitment of 4,000 nurses and 910 doctors for the National Health Service in the Patras region. The announcement of the recruitment of medical personnel to strengthen the national health system was announced during the visit of the Minister of Health to Patras. Thanos Pleuris explained that the government is […]

Ioannina: the patient severely beat the doctor

The unprecedented incident occurred on Sunday evening (17 September) in the emergency department of the Ioannina University Hospital, when a doctor was severely beaten while receiving and treating a patient. According to local website epiruspost.gr, a man arrived at the hospital in the evening, demanding medication and threatening to commit suicide. The hospital doctor tried […]

The crown from the tooth fell into the patient’s lung

Doctors from Lamia Hospital, using a flexible bronchoscope and special forceps, removed the crown of the tooth that was stuck in the patient’s lung during intubation. As it became known, a 50-year-old man with unhealthy habits (alcohol and tobacco use) suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage. The unconscious man was intubated in Karpenisi and later transferred to […]

France: on those who are hardest during a pandemic

Burnout isn’t just a phrase. This is the diagnosis doctors are admitted to psychiatric clinics, euronews says. In the fall of 2018, the new Le Gouz psychiatric clinic opened its doors in the picturesque Burgundy town of Luan. It was originally intended for healthcare professionals. In the era of a pandemic, the overwhelming majority of […]

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