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Austria: Red Bull and Swarovski heirs’ luxury holiday in Greece infuriates KPÖ

Last weekend, the hottest topic of the Austrian media was the luxurious celebration of the birthday in Greece of the heirs of famous empires – Mark Mateschitz and Victoria Swarovski.

An exclusive trip to the birthday girl, in honor of her 30th birthday, was presented by Red Bull heir Mark Mateschitz. Together with the heiress of the Swarovski jewelry empire, they went to Greece, with all their entourage and even a star pastry chef, on a private jet, and celebrated their birthday luxuriously on a superyacht worth seven million euros. The famous confectioner did not disappoint them – a cake with a dolphin surrounded by shells looked unusual and amazed with its exquisite taste…

The trip infuriated the SPÖ (Social Democratic Party of Austria) and the KPÖ (Communist pariah of Austria). The head of the first, Julia Herr, criticized the CO2 emissions caused by this way of life, and the Austrian communists told what they really intend to do in this situation.

What specifically does the federal party KPÖ want to return to the National Council for the first time since 1949? In principle, they welcome the fact that the question is raised again and again where the wealth of Austria goes. Federal party spokesman Tobias Schweiger says:

“Swarovski and Mateschitz are spending on yachts and private jets what the people of Austria have earned. So it’s only natural that many people wonder if this is normal.”

He demanded not only to introduce a tax on millionaires, which is demanded by SPÖ, but also to completely socialize Swarovski and Red Bull, to “expropriate” famous companies from private owners. Schweiger continues to distance himself from the idea of ​​simply nationalizing large companies. Instead, it will be about collaboratively deciding what to produce and how, he explains:

“Our goal is not a nationalized economy, but a democratic one in which the people who create wealth also decide how it is used. We believe that then the Austrians are more likely not to choose luxury vacations for corporate owners.”

Communists are not interested in small businesses or the savings of ordinary people, but in the power that a few people can exercise with their assets at the expense of others. After all, the richest 1% now owns 50% of net wealth.

In the spring, in the elections in the federal state of Salzburg, the Austrian communists scored a sensational 11.66%, writes austria-today.at. Even earlier, a communist won the election of the mayor of Graz (the second largest city in Austria). According to forecasts, the Austrian Communist Party may enter the country’s parliament for the first time since 1949 in the next elections.

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