Vaccination and duration of Covid

Scientists have convincingly proved that after vaccinations, there is much less chance of getting sick with long-term covid. The UK Health Safety Agency explained that even with a possible infection after vaccination, the disease will pass in a mild form, and development prolonged Covid little chance. To reach these conclusions, the results of 15 studies […]

Greece: Vaccination of children from 2 years old expected in March

Greek pediatrician Spyros Mazanis expresses concern about the spread of coronavirus among children and the too slow pace of vaccination: Recording platform opened on December 10th children from 5 to 11 years old for vaccination against coronavirus, the first vaccinations were made on December 15. During the briefing, Vana Papaevangelou, member of the commission of […]

Unexpected epiphany: “Re-vaccinations are not a viable strategy, the 4th dose is not needed”

Professor Maria Theodoridou, president of the National Committee for Vaccination of Greece, made a shocking statement on Monday evening. “Backup vaccinations are not a viable strategy against Covid-19, and revaccination does not create an immunity wall,” she said. During the live briefing, Theodoridou also expressed doubts about the fourth dose of vaccination. Speaking about the […]

Anti-Vaccination March in Thessaloniki

Protesters against compulsory vaccination took to the central streets of Thessaloniki today. Among the sounding slogans: “Victory will come from Thessaloniki” and “We are all Djokovici.” The action was attended by unvaccinated medical workers suspended from work. Vaccine protesters gathered at the White Tower before heading out onto the main streets and held a rally […]

Amazon: “We were not aware of COVID-19. This is the first time we hear about it “

The arrival of doctors with vaccines in the indigenous tribes of the Amazon was a complete surprise for the aborigines. Medical workers in boats traveled to isolated villages in the Peruvian Amazon to vaccinate their residents. However, they were extremely surprised – they did not hear about the pandemic raging in the world. Mariano Quisto, […]

Vaccination: A Backward Excursion for Skeptics

Compulsory vaccination is far from news in mainstream medicine. For centuries, vaccinations have saved lives and have not caused any complaints. Did everyone recognize their necessity, or when did the so-called “anti-axers” appear? Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is a medical center in the United States where an interesting but predictable event took place. Employees of […]

A 23-year-old man who was paralyzed after vaccination got back on his feet 2 months later

Almost two months have passed since the beginning of “taking care of his own health and protection from the virus” 23-year-old Georgos Vagiannidis from Katerini. The young man said through his personal Instagram account that his legs were paralyzed a day after being vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, but doctors never linked his problem to […]

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