February 3, 2023

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Wild showdown between doctors… at work

Wild showdowns between doctors took place in the Artas hospital, and the staff and hospitalized patients became witnesses of this “madness”.

However, when the police were called to the scene at the clinic, neither of the two immediate participants filed charges. Unprecedented scenes unfolded in Arta when doctors were accused of beating each other, according to epiruspost.gr. While on duty, the medics got into a fight… over personal differences.

The showdown began in the office and continued in the corridor of the hospital. At the same time, workers, patients and orderlies watched with amazement scenes of violence between two “respectable people.”

According to the publication, the cause of the fight is not related to the work and the situation in the clinic. However, according to the interviewed witnesses, one of the brawling doctors allegedly created a tense atmosphere in the hospital in the past.

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