February 5, 2023

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Beauty center mocked customers: shocking evidence

Quite serious are the complaints of customers about the beauty salon, in which, allegedly, they were promised “rejuvenation” procedures, but they deceived them.

According to the victims, visitors to a certain Beauty Center, which has been constantly changing names in recent years, the responsible persons received significant amounts of money for specific types of treatment and procedures, which, however, were never carried out.

One of the victims was Mrs. Maria, who wanted to get Botox injections, but ended up with a deformed face and unbearable pain. The woman was disfigured after she was given an injection of hyaluronic acid. “I felt pain in my face and could not speak. My right cheek was swollen. I went there the next day and waited for the doctor, who, however, never came. Instead, a person approached me and told me to take cortisone during the day and I would be fine, ”the woman said in a conversation with MEGA channel journalists.

“Their behavior was unacceptable. A girl came, ridiculed me, my claims. I waited for the doctor for three hours and he never came. I was told that I had an allergic reaction,” says Ms Maria.

Employee testimonies about “counterfeit” vials

beauty center supposedly managed to deceive hundreds of unsuspecting clients, taking their money, “selling” non-existent and dangerous procedures. How exactly do the managers of this beauty salon deceive their victims, disclosed by a former employee, who spoke in detail about what happened there: “The devices did not work, they were never serviced. The consultants had a sealed “product” that was shown to each client. But when the doctor went to prepare the injection, he put aside the sealed box, took the empty bottles of Botox, filled them with saline and injected them into the patient. The same thing happened with hyaluronic acid. In addition to the usual saline, an ultrasound gel was also poured into the syringe so that it stabilized at the point and the skin looked smooth.

Fraud for hundreds of thousands of euros

The former employee of the beauty center also referred to the case of a former policeman who managed to “extort” 515,000 euros for treatment for vitiligo, as well as the fraud against an elderly man who “left” about 600,000 euros at the beauty center. “This gentleman was in despair because he was advanced in age. At the same time, he had a young girlfriend who told him that she was going to leave him. The client had local obesity in the abdomen. In about three months, he was “robbed”, in total, for 600,000 euros, ”said the former employee. “There is a treatment where he was charged 22,000 euros in one day for an injection. Moreover, the injection ampoules were empty vials filled with saline and ultrasound gel,” she added.

They performed surgeries in hospitals

Along with fraudulent procedures that were, in fact, fake, the deception of the clients of the beauty center also concerned operations. In particular, one of the owners of the institute (without medical knowledge!) introduced himself as a plastic surgeon working in the Triasio hospital and offered to perform the operation for an appropriate prepayment.

“Some of the cases that came to us were difficult. Clients were told they were going to have an operation, so “they should give some advance payment”, after which they would “set a date” for the medical intervention. I remember an elderly woman from Kifisia who was charged 12,000 euros in advance. When the time came for the operation, but it was not done, and she complained, they began to threaten her, in turn, ”an employee who quit the Beauty Center shared shocking facts.

Finally, according to in.gr, it is worth noting that so far the particular institution continues to operate normally, having changed at least six names, with hundreds of complaints and angry unsuspecting clients who have been blatantly deceived and damaged their health (and pockets) .

Clients are indignant: “How many more complaints do you need to file for the police to take seriously the scammers and shut down the shop?!

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