To the gynecologist? Only double

In Crete, a 25-year-old man was seriously injured, and now he has to pay 500 euros only because his 18-year-old wife went alone to … a gynecologist. He was so angry when he found out about this that he first started a “showdown” with his partner, and then vented his emotional dissatisfaction by hitting the […]

Police intervened in a massive brawl between schoolchildren and students

On Tuesday morning, in the suburb of Stavroupolis in Thessaloniki, there was a mass brawl between high school and university students outside the building of the EPAL vocational school. Eyewitnesses speak of an ideologically motivated clash, since the attackers belong to two polar political streams (ultra-left and ultra-right). Σταυρούπολη – Γιαννης (@loveaekhatefcsm) September 28, […]

Showdown in Kallithea over a girl

The Kallithea Police Department announced the arrest of two young men who challenged their girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, a 24-year-old local, to a “duel”. During the showdown, a 30-year-old man pulled out a pistol and fired, as a result of which the guy was seriously injured. According to the information, the defendant made an appointment with his […]

Lived: two men had a fight over suvlaki

A scuffle between a souvlaki seller and an elderly buyer, who fought over “irreconcilable differences” over a portion of barbecue, ended in court proceedings. It all started when the 54-year-old owner and seller of the kebab shop asked the 71-year-old buyer to pay for the souvlaki the moment he received the serving, not after eating […]

A quarrel on the balcony does not lead to good

In the Russian St. Petersburg, the couple was violently sorting out the relationship on the balcony. Alas, the railing broke down, and a video made by a bystander captured a terrible fall from the third floor. The quarrel between 35-year-old Yevgeny Karlagin and his girlfriend Olga Volkova ended more than painfully, but the couple, who […]

Glyfada: cuffs and swearing at the entrance to the ZARA store

Incredible scenes of assault were seen by passers-by in the fashionable southern suburb of Athens. Two young women dragged each other by the hair at the entrance to a famous clothing brand store. On Tuesday, scenes of “fighting” unfolded in front of the store: a woman who was waiting at the entrance to the store […]

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