February 5, 2023

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Rolex robbery: fatal mistakes made by robbers

Law enforcement agencies in Greece are busy studying records from the surveillance camera installed in the Rolex store, where a “lightning robbery” was recently committed. In broad daylight in the very center of Athens, robbers smashed a shop window with a sledgehammer and pulled out 20 expensive clocks.

The police are moving forward, looking for any clues that will help in the investigation of such a brazen robbery. It has been established that the accomplice of the criminals, presumably, is a woman who visited the store the day before, pretending to be a client, but in fact “studied the situation.”

How the Rolex Heist in Athens Happened and the Mistakes Made by the Robbers

23 pieces of very expensive watches stolen by three robbers who broke into the store and spoke good Greek, have serial numbersas a result of which they cannot legally selland also repair, in case of damage, at a Rolex Dedicated Service Centre.

The attackers’ method of action, according to police sources, was at first glance professional, although during the escape they “lost” the sledgehammer with which they broke the window. And now the crime weapon is being carefully examined for fingerprints and genetic material.

The robbery method resembles the characteristic actions of the Pink Panthers. The case was taken over by the Attica Security Hacking Authority, which in the past has uncovered such crimes (including of an international nature), in which the robbers fixed their eyes on jewelry stores.

Who are the Pink Panthers?

The Pink Panthers is the name given by Interpol to an international network of 200-250 jewel thieves, mostly from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and also Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Pink Panthers are considered responsible for some of the most daring robberies in the history of jewel theft as well as organized crime. One criminologist even described their crimes as “artful”. Robbers “declared themselves” in many countries and on many continents. A characteristic feature of their actions is lightning speed and readiness to “go to any lengths”, including use firearms in broad daylight and in public places.

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