February 8, 2023

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The wife spent 18 hours in the elevator, and the husband died in the apartment

In Kozani, on December 20, a woman got stuck in the elevator of her house and sat in a “trap” for more than 18 hours. After her release, she entered the apartment and found her husband dead.

The tragic incident took place Tuesday afternoon in a two-story building. The woman trapped in the faulty elevator did not have her mobile phone with her and could not call emergency services.

Her neighbor heard her calls for help only after 18 hours, at about 11.30 on Wednesday morning, and immediately called the police and firefighters. After the release, the woman went into the apartment and saw her dead husband. Presumably death was due to pathological causes, writes Kozanimedia.gr.

It is not yet known what caused death, and whether the man had health problems.

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