Expert opinion: what time to go to bed

Recent studies have shown that the time we choose to sleep can affect cardiovascular health.

According to, a study published in the European Heart Journal – Digital Health has shown that the time we choose to go to bed can play an important role and create a risk of cardiovascular disease.

The results of the study show that this affects women more than men. Using data from motion detectors worn by the participants, the researchers found that those who went to bed at 10 pm, between 10 pm and 10:59 pm, had the lowest risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers collected sleep data from study participants over a period of seven days. Then, over a mean follow-up of 5.7 years, the researchers noted which of the participants developed cardiovascular disease.

What is the worst time to fall asleep? Try to go to bed before midnight. “The highest incidence of cardiovascular disease was found in subjects who went to bed after midnight, while the incidence of cardiovascular disease decreased with earlier bedtime,” the study authors report. In addition to heart health, the scientists who conducted the study pointed to other factors that can be affected by sleep timing, including blood pressure, sleep quality, and atherosclerosis.

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