Greece: energy projects for the future

A possible “winter without gas” prompts Europe to prepare for difficulties. Greece is developing energy projects for the long term.

The Greek government has prepared several projects, an important component of which is energy ties with neighboring countries. An important factor is to prevent too much price growth. The head of the State Energy Corporation of Greece, Manos Manousakis, explains:

“Greek grids are interconnected with the power grids of all neighboring countries and Italy. A second connection with Bulgaria is currently under construction, which will double the exchange capacity between the two countries. The project will be completed in early 2023 and we believe it will help to cope with potential winter difficulties. Electricity flow is subject to the market algorithm. Every day, energy flows from where it is cheaper to where it is more expensive – for the benefit of the end consumer.”

The construction of an underwater transmission line to Cyprus has begun, and then it will be extended to Israel. It is possible that, if necessary, Greece will also be able to receive electricity through this line. Manos Manousakis says:

“It is assumed that energy will go from Europe to Cyprus and the Middle East. Obviously, there is also the possibility of reverse supplies, from Israel to Europe, and we are discussing this option.”

In the long term, Athens has high hopes for the transportation of “green” electricity from North Africa: in the countries of the region there is an excess of solar and wind energy. Already in the next decade, it is planned to start laying a submarine cable to Egypt, also through Cyprus.

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