Volos: debtor attacked ΔΕΗ employees, two women were injured

Due to a debt of 100 euros, a man who came to ΔΕΗbecame furious and attacked the employees of the institution with his fists. According to thenewspaper.gr, a man in Volos came to the ΔΕΗ office for advice on how to become a consumer of the company’s services again after he entered into a contract […]

ΔΕΗ offers to pay bills in installments

Starting July 28, you can pay your electricity bills with a credit card at any bank in Greece, ΔΕΗ proposes to do this in six interest-free payments. The offer applies to accounts with a payable amount of 200 euros or more. cnn.gr. Credit cards you can pay with: MasterCard, VISA, Diners. The company states: “ΔΕΗ, […]

New electricity tariffs: 15-17 eurocents per kilowatt-hour in August

Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas announced government subsidies for paying electricity bills, at the same time that supplier tariffs were announced. The minister announced that “cuts” on electricity bills are extended, for which the state allocated a total subsidy of 1,136,100 billion euros in August. The final consumer prices for electricity in August are set […]

Greece: energy projects for the future

A possible “winter without gas” prompts Europe to prepare for difficulties. Greece is developing energy projects for the long term. The Greek government has prepared several projects, an important component of which is energy ties with neighboring countries. An important factor is to prevent too much price growth. The head of the State Energy Corporation […]

ΔΕΗ myEnergy Coach: A tool to save energy and save money

Company ΔΕΗ announced the myEnergy Coach digital tool to help consumers figure out their energy costs and engage their saving habits. It will also effectively help reduce energy costs and be helpful in protecting the environment. ΔΕΗ myEnergyCoach is online dei.gr and gives consumers the opportunity to: control the consumption of electricity – both at […]

Electricity subsidies from July: excluding income and cap criteria. Detailing amounts

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced new measures to support households and businesses in connection with the ever-increasing cost of electricity and gas. Mr. Skrekas began his statement by reporting “an unprecedented energy crisis affecting households across Europe as electricity prices soar”. there is a plan that will help to cope with the most […]

Bonuses for those who save electricity

Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas and Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skilakakis announced incentives for households and public sector organizations that will save energy, especially through the use of air conditioners. The plan “Regulate the thermostat” (“Επιχείρηση θερμοστάτης”) provides bonuses for households that will reduce energy consumption by following the recommendations for using air conditioners at the […]

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