Buying Twitter or a prison cell: does Elon Musk face imprisonment

While Elon Musk is enjoying his vacation on Greek Mykonos, events on Twitter’s lawsuit are not developing in a very favorable direction for him. Lawyer Robert Miller spoke about the situation.

It became known about the risk of even a possible prison term for Elon Musk, Business Insider reports, citing a lawyer. Robert Miller argues that if the founder of Apple and SpaceX refuse to enforce the Twitter lawsuit, the consequences could be quite serious.

It goes like it says BB.LV, about a special Chancery Court that exists in the state of Delaware. There and was filed a lawsuit from the social network Twitter. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant (Elon Musk) violated its commitment to acquire Twitter for $44 billion by pulling out of the deal. In turn, the founder of Apple explained that the reason for this decision was Twitter’s refusal to provide data on the number of fake accounts.

The chancellor’s court appeared in England in the era of feudalism. He dealt with cases “in fairness”, and not based on rules and laws. Miller says the Delaware Court of Chancery has fairly broad powers. If ruled in Twitter’s favour, it could force Musk to: make a deal and buy the social network, appoint an outside manager to complete the deal, seize the founder’s Tesla stock, or put the billionaire in jail.

Well, in the meantime, a vacation in Greece will surely help him to distract himself, and at least forget for a while about the upcoming legal battle with Twitter.

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