To Ukraine for… shopping

In Ukraine, which has been at war for 8 months, prices, as usual, have increased significantly. And yet they are much more “loyal” than in neighboring Romania, whose citizens go to Ukraine for shopping. Romanians from the border areas with Ukraine have been visiting Chernivtsi for many years in order to purchase cheaper products. And […]

Alexis Haritsis about "basket of deceit"

Alexis Haritsis, head of development and investment at SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, calls the food “housewife basket” a fraud basket. He notes that “household basket” concerns only fifty out of several thousand products and cannot cope with an explosive situation: “At a time when the supermarket has become a nightmare, speculation has swept the market, […]

The European Union failed to agree on the introduction "ceiling" Russian gas prices

Because of the threats of the Russian President to completely cut off supplies to EU abandoned plans to limit gas prices. According to The Telegraph in an analytical article, several countries decided not to support this proposal, and in emergency negotiations it was rejected. However, European energy ministers have asked the European Commission to come […]

Gas prices again break records in Europe

The cost of gas in EU On August 15, it exceeded $2,400 per thousand cubic meters, the last time such prices “pleased” in March. On Monday, the overall increase in gas prices amounted to more than 11% per day. This is evidenced by trading data on the London Stock Exchange ICE. The cost of September […]