5 attempted murder case solved

The investigative department dealing with the disclosure of cases of extortion, solved the case of the attempted murder of five people (four foreigners and one Greek citizen), committed on January 22 at a pastry shop in Voula.

As per related post ΕΛΑΣ, two criminals, a 42-year-old foreigner and a 34-year-old Greek, were arrested yesterday (13.07) in the morning as part of a coordinated police operation, and another criminal, a 35-year-old foreigner, is already in prison. There are two other co-defendants in the case. lifo.gr.

A criminal case has been initiated against the defendants for attempted murder of a group of people and infliction of life-threatening bodily harm on them. The attackers are accused of creating a criminal organization, as well as violating the Law on Weapons.

During a preliminary extortion prosecutor’s investigation, it was established that the defendants met (“killed the shooter”) with the two victims, who were accompanied by three other people, outside a bakery in Voula to discuss their differences.

During the negotiations, the two defendants and the two victims were sitting together at a table near the cafe-confectionery, where at first they talked peacefully, but at some point a fight broke out, in which all five took part. Then the criminals grabbed their weapons, and one of the parties began to shoot at competitors, injuring five victims, after which the attackers fled in a car.

It is noted that the three injured foreigners were taken to the hospital in serious condition and stayed there for a long time.

In the course of the investigation, the following were found and seized from the 42-year-old detainee: a pistol with a silencer, a magazine with 14 rounds, another 132 rounds, 3 pistol magazines, 2 knives, an ax, an electronic device (gps blocker), an electronic bug tracking detector (listening devices), body armor, powerful binoculars, 2 walkie-talkies, a tablet, 6 mobile phones, 3 sets for connecting to the phone and a SIM card, 2 memory cards, a flash drive, as well as a vehicle belonging to him, which was used to commit the above illegal actions , and a sum of money in the amount of 10,750 euros.

The 34-year-old detainee was found with a knife, a mobile phone and documents for a taxi.

The arrested, against whom a criminal case has been initiated, were taken to the prosecutor’s office of Athens.

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